Value of Water

The Value of a Water Right

There are many factors that qualify a water right as valuable, including the priority of the water right, location, storage capabilities, and historical use data. The more senior the water right, the greater the value. A water right also increases in value if there is storage associated with it. Storage allows for use of the water year-round. Compiling data related to the historical use of the water is vital. In order to receive the highest possible consumptive use number, we must show that the water has been put to beneficial use in the past. Because a majority of water rights remain in irrigation, compiling data on crops and irrigation practices is essential. Ground water rights should also be evaluated, such as existing wells and augmentation plans.  Sometimes value comes down to the old story: location, location, location.  How close are you to the nearest water district? Our team will provide you all the facts.  As with any business transaction, we cannot guarantee the final outcome of all plans, for example when water court is involved, but our objective is to provide you with the best information available so you can make an educated decision about your water rights.

How much are my Water Rights worth?

To learn how much your ditch shares or surface water rights are worth, questions, please contact me. There are several questions you should be prepared to answer:

  1. How much water do you have irrigating the surface land?
  2. Where is your land located in the state of Colorado?
  3. Does your water right have a storage decree with it?
  4. Has your water right been through water court?
  5. Do you have any irrigation wells on your property?
  6. Do you have a copy of your stock certificate?