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Water Rights FOR SALE:

These are the water rights available for sale. For more information, or to make an offer, contact us.

Water Basin:Description:Quantity: Price per share:Availability
Big Thompson BasinCBT60$68,000.00Available
Big Thompson BasinHome Supply1$250,000.00Sold
Big Thompson BasinLoveland Waterbank20NegotiableSold
Cache la Poudre Cache la Poudre River Direct8$43,000.00Sold
Cache la Poudre Larimer & Weld Irrigation System4$75,000.00Sold
Cache la Poudre Whitney Ditch1$165,000.00Sold
South Platte River BasinFort Morgan Ditch20NegotiableAvailable
South Platte River BasinFulton4.1$50,000Available
South Platte River BasinHighland Ditch5$275,000Sold
South Platte River BasinLower Latham1$700,000.00Sold
South Platte River BasinMountain Mutual Reservoir Company12$50,000.00Sold
South Platte River BasinSlate Ditch4$25,000.00Sold


We have clients interested in purchasing these water rights. For more information, or to post shares for sale, contact us.

Water Basin:Description:Quantity:Price Per Share:
Big Thompson BasinCBT1-100Negotiable
Big Thompson BasinHandy Ditch 2Negotiable
Big Thompson BasinHome SupplyAnyNegotiable
Big Thompson BasinSouth Side DitchAnyNegotiable
Cache La PoudreWater Supply and Storage1Negotiable
Cache La PoudreWindsor ReservoirAnyNegotiable
Saint Vrain RiverHighland Ditch2$225,000.00
South Platte River BasinBurlington-Barr
South Platte River BasinChurch DitchAny$40,000.00
South Platte River BasinDavidson Ditch2Negotiable
South Platte River BasinFRICO-Barr
South Platte River BasinFulton DitchAny$40,000.00
South Platte River BasinJackson ReservoirAnyNegotiable
South Platte River BasinLower Latham Reservoir (direct and stored)AnyNegotiable
South Platte River BasinWeldon Valley Ditch (direct flow)AnyNegotiable